"Louis are you really engaged with Eleanor?" - "no… NO… NO" 

cause saying it once wouldn’t have been enough.


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Always remember. Because this can never be denied. This isn’t photoshopped. This isn’t tampered with in any way. This isn’t some big joke that everyone is laughing at this is something that cannot be explained on a friendly level.

/This is LOVE./

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meghan trainor - "all about that bass"

Why not do a song about loving yourself and loving your body because I don’t think girls love themselves as much as they really should… I think girls will really relate to it… It’s a fun, playful song about loving yourself, loving your body, loving all your insecurities and having fun with it. (x)

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Alex & Sierra confirming that the track(s) that John Legend and Harry Styles wrote will not be on their upcoming debut album. 

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